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It's in His Kiss - Caitie Quinn [This is a short story and as such it is reviewed differently than full lengths books]

Eeek! How can such a short story be so damn good?!

It was beyond cute. And so funny!

Jenna is a writer. She writes a YA series and her character is in serious need of her first kiss. The only problem is Jenna can’t write it. Why? Well, write about what you know they say. If only Jenna’s first kiss wasn’t one she’d like to forget.

What does she do? Call for backup. And backup comes in form of her extremely-good-looking-men-attracting friend, Lisbeth. Who isn’t much of a friend, actually. She’s more of an attention-seeking-biscuit. If you know what I mean. And no, I didn’t like her. One bit.

They go to a bar so Jenna can find a man to kiss, and take notes, and then write her book based on said experience. And she actually intends on verbalizing all that.
"So I was wondering if, maybe, you could consider, perhaps, kissing me and I could think about what it would be like being a first kiss of sorts and, if you don't mind, I'd like to make some notes."
Ah, yeah. Sometimes I felt incredibly embarrassed for her. And by sometimes I mean well… always. It wasn’t even forty pages long, it’s not like I could feel it a number of times, right?

Moving on.

After embarrassing herself beyond belief, Jenna wants to quit on the whole thing. But that would mean losing her contract, so maybe she could give it another try? Or maybe not. Especially since a very hot guy can’t stop making fun of her, and humiliating her, and laughing at her. Even less if he’s doing all that just to get her friend’s attention. Or is he?

It’s In His Kiss was actually pretty funny. And completely snort-worthy, as promised. Jenna has such a funny, witty voice; it’s hard not to fall for it. And let’s not forget Mocking Guy, who would pass that up?

I really didn’t think it was possible to love such a short story, but as it turns out it is. And I need more. I need more by this author and I need it now. I’m actually left hoping it was longer, so I could find out more about all of them. But if such a short story got me like this, imagine what a full length story from this author can do? Caitie, not to be rude or anything but… what are you waiting for?
"Didn't she know sidekicks were benign?"
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