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Secrets of a Summer Night  - Lisa Kleypas One Night With a Hero was, damn, so good! Sexy, sweet, heartbreaking, endearing and all kinds of amazing.

Brady Scott is part of the Army Special Forces, sent stateside to get his emotions under control. You see, he has some serious anger management issues. And until he can get over his past and all the rage swimming inside him he cannot return to his missions.

With a dark and painful past, it’s hard for Brady to let go of the anger he has towards his father. In fact, it just might be the only thing that keeps him together, his anger. Having spent the last years of his teenage life taking care of his sister and protecting both her and himself from the abuses of his drunken father, Brady is brooding, and broken. He doesn’t believe in love or any lasting emotions, and keeps his guard up at all times.

So you can imagine his surprise (and my delight) when he finds a woman that might just be enough to keep his mind from dark places.

Jocelyn –Joss –Daniels is all colors and rebellion… on the outside. She has multiple tattoos across her body, a tongue piercing and pink highlights on her hair. But on the inside lays a very insecure, vulnerable woman wary of anything that might hurt her already broken heart.

When they meet sparks fly. Brady is both captivated and intrigued by this woman’s obvious wit and vulnerability, and especially by the strong attraction he feels towards her. Yet his past has never let him have more than one night to forget, one night to let go. But Joss might just prove to be too addicting for only one night.

Joss doesn’t usually indulge herself in one-night-stands, but why shouldn’t she? She’s a grown woman, who feels utterly attracted to a very hot, and sweet man. Albeit a stranger, but still.
A very hot, damn sexy, purportedly non-serial-killer stranger.

Can I excuse myself for a second (or a few) to swoon in peace? My god! It’s hard not to swoon when Brady is involved. I mean, how can you resist his hotness and obvious sweetness and protectiveness towards Joss? I sure couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Isn’t it just that much better when they just can’t figure out why they feel such things? Ah!

One Night With a Hero had me in a rollercoaster of emotions. First I was fanning myself. Let me just tell you, those first few pages were hot! Then I was totally swooning, and maybe pouting a little too. I could feel the heartbreak in the air. And it was going to be a major one. I may or may not have cried a little. And wanted to slap Brady so hard it hurt. Jeez!

Okay, yes I was majorly angry with Brady. Read it, you’ll know why. It could be summed up to: stupid mistakes followed by stupid words. Damn him! I was angry, but I forgave him, all in my true fashion, of course.

In a way I also understood him, it was hard. But there is no excuse to treat the woman you love the way he did. So I was taking Joss’ side and I thoroughly enjoyed her torturing him… Even though it might not have been torturing, only I took it like that?

Anyway. I got carried away, as per usual. As I was saying… first I was fanning myself, then I was swooning and getting angry and all that stuff, and then I was grinning so hard my cheeks hurt.

I loved the last thirty percent of this book to death. It was beyond perfect. It made me smile a lot. It wasn’t a rushed happy ending like some books tend to have, it was slow and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And then he kissed her long and hard, marveling at how the rest of his life had started with just one night.

One Night With a Hero was a great read. Steamy, sweet and heartwarming, a romance story you don’t want to miss. Plus, there’s the addition of seeing Alyssa and Marco again (from Her Forbidden Hero).

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