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Predestined - Abbi Glines Predestined is the amazing follow up to Existence. It starts (sort of) were we stopped in Existence... to the knowledge that Leif is not exactly human. Okay, he’s not human. Period.

So what is he? We learn the answer to this question pretty early in the book. As a matter of fact, we learn the answer to this question in the prologue. So you don’t have to go on suffering for long, if that was what was keeping you from reading this book, like in my case. I’m a bit of a chicken sometimes. Why yes, I admit it.

So, Leif has no soul, but he’s after one. He’s after Pagan’s soul. Because he owns it. I know right? Who does he think he is, going around claiming her soul belongs to him, huh? As if I needed another reason to dislike him. Leif is no longer the sweet, lovesick teenage boy we met in Existence, he’s actually a little bit more… forward, maybe? He’s conceited, alright! And a hundred times more annoying. Or at least, that’s how I saw him, that’s how I wanted to see him. Because I don’t like him.

Am I clear? Good.

Moving on now. In Predestined we follow Pagan through the list of hard decision she has to make in order to save the ones she loves, even if it means giving her soul up to Leif for the rest of eternity. Her character goes through some growing up, I would say. I liked her a bit more than I did in Existence she wasn’t that childish –and sometimes annoying –girl. She’s forced to face some truths that are bound to make you see things through different eyes. She experiences lose and betrayal, she learns to cope and to accept. She learns to let go. She becomes stronger.

Dank. Dank, oh Dank! I can’t tell you how in love I am with him this character. He is some serious hunk, we all know that, but he’s also incredibly sweet, and amazing, and perfect. He’s perfect. His protectiveness towards Pagan just killed me. It killed me! I can’t even begin to explain what this did to me. And when he’s angry or jealous… incredibly sexy, that’s what he is. *fans self* And before I turn into a puddle of goo, let me just quote something so you’ll understand:
“No, Ghede. You’re the only one who made a bad choice. You don’t take what’s mine.”

Isn’t he swoon-worthy, now?

Let me just move forward now, before I can’t form a single rational sentence. It’s Gee’s turn. Gee is epic. She is effing epic. I love her to death, no pun intended. She’s seriously h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! Never fails to make me smile. Even when we’re in critical points in the book, and everyone was freaking out (including me) she says something witty and funny and I feel lighter, if only for a second. She’s my favorite character –not counting Dank here –honestly. But Gee is not just a flow of curse words and funny remarks; she’s just as fiercely protective of Pagan as Dank. And that just made my heart warmer.

Predestined was pretty amazing. It’s full of twists, and I do mean full of them. It will keep you at the edge of your seat at times, and pulling out your hair at others. I was seriously freaking out more than once. Abbi sure does know how to play with my emotions. I was a mess all through reading Predestined. I was scared for Pagan and the decisions she would have to make, and what they would mean to her relationship with Dank. I was swooning over Dank every time he sang to her. Hell! I was swooning every time he spoke! And I was fanning myself every time they kissed. Oh boy, didn’t we have quite some steamy scenes here!

Predestined had me aww’ing and laughing. It had me creeped out and freaking out. It had me tearing up and praying for September to get here already. For those of you cliffie-scared like me, let me assure you there’ not too much of a cliffhanger in this one, so rest assured you’ll live through it. It’s going to be a long wait for Ceaseless, nonetheless.

If you haven’t read Predestined yet, then get on with it. It’s a ride you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t even read Existence yet, then what in the world are you waiting for!? I’m serious here! Now there’s only one thing left to do: wait. Wait for September to come already. Wait for the conclusion to this epic book series.

Until then.