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Take This Regret  - A.L. Jackson Wow, where to begin. Such a heart wrecking story.

Before you read this review I’ll have to warn you, I just finished reading this book and I tend to let my emotions speak instead of the rational side of my brain.

First of I’m going to apologize if something doesn’t make sense; I’ve been up practically all night reading. I just couldn’t find it in me to stop reading. Every time I thought, ’Okay, I can leave it here, finish tomorrow’ something they said/did made me keep on going. I don’t regret it. At all.

Take This Regret is an amazing book, an easy read. An emotional rollercoaster… quite literally. Sometimes it made my head spin with the ups and downs. One moment they were happy and then the next they didn’t even speak, and every time the author pulled at my heart strings as if I were a puppet. I don’t really care how this sounds, but I love books that can get me to feel the emotions the characters are feeling. It just means, to me, that the author did a great job.

Sometimes I felt like I wanted to grab Elisabeth by her shoulders and shake some sense into her though, but on the other hand I understood her. After all the pain he inflicted upon her, it was understandable her lack of trust, her hesitation, even her despise. It wasn’t usual, but sometimes her lack of confidence in herself, in Christian after he’d proven her he had changed frustrated me. For god’s sake, he loves you! I wanted to scream at her, but at the next second I wanted to hug her.

I’ll admit I disliked Christian quite a bit. He appeared to be caring and changed, but he kept making mistakes and it just infuriated me! When he pushed her away the first time, I swear I wanted to get in the book just so I could slap him with all my might. But he changed, he realized what he did, and that’s okay. I warmed up to him, just like everyone in the story slowly did. The chapters of the story told from his point of view tore my heart apart. Oh my!

And let’s not forget Lizzie. The cutest girl ever. Her maturity and sweetness was just… perfect.

And I’ll stop making comments on the characters now, but just let me say this. Thanks goodness for Matthew! I almost cried when he finally managed to make Elisabeth see things clearly. By that point in the story I was close to breaking something for her stupidity. Seriously! She was doing the exact same thing he did to her, so much for not wanting to hurt anybody.

Ah! See? I’m all emotional now. I can’t help it.

So, I’m going to end this by saying, I totally loved it. If you’re into a heartbreaking romance story, then give Take This Regret a try. You won’t regret it.