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Try Me  - Olivia Cunning Wow!

Try Me was a little more than I expected, and a lot shorter than I thought it was. Why yes, it was also pretty… steamy.

Melanie is dragged concert after concert by her crazy best friend Nikki in hopes to get backstage to meet her favorite bad, Sole Regret. Not an easy task to accomplish, but Nikki is set on stone. She wants to meet the lead singer, and so she will. Even if she has to uh, insinuate a few things to the guy sitting guard.

A few things here and there, and they are backstage. Only now Nikki can’t find the courage to talk to the guy, while Melanie has to suffer through a room full of tattooed guys she despises.

What’s the solution? Liquid courage. Always helps. Or maybe not.

Nikki gets what she wanted, but that means Melanie is left alone to face fear every time she sees a tattoo in front of her. That is until the only normal-looking guy in the room starts talking to her.

Normal looking? You say? I don’t think so.

Gabriel, aka Force, is the band’s amazing drummer. He may look like he has no tattoos or piercings… when clothed, but what happens when those layers of clothing aren’t there? Well, Melanie is set to find out.

Their chemistry is palpable, and before Mel can form a coherent thought they are already on their way to his hotel room. And what happens in that room… Man! I’ll just say it was oh-so-hot.

But then feelings get in the way.

Gabe’s life is on the road and a long term relationship would be hard to keep, but is he willing to try it with Melanie? Are they willing to set themselves to heartache just to find out what they might have together? You’ll have to read to find out.

Try Me was a fast and steamy read. In fact, most of the book was spent in Gabriel’s hotel room. *Cough* There was a scene that kind of creeped me out a little bit, that kind of thing just isn’t for me, but otherwise it was good. Short, but good.

I’m left wishing to know more about what will happen in the future, and how they’ll deal with their feelings and the fact that Gabe has to be on the road. I really hope the next books continue from where this left off, and if not, then well… I’ll have to read them and see what new stores they bring.