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Second Kiss - Natalie Palmer Second Kiss is a story about how love and friendship can help you get through the hardest times of your life.

Gemma is a normal teenager. As one she goes to school, hangs out with her friends, has her fair share of crushes… more like only one, but whatever. She has a happy home life, awesome loving parents, an older sister who annoys her sometimes, but that’s what big sisters are for (me being one of them). She has a best friend who she’s very close to, a best friend who’s everything to her. Her life is sort of complete, as any teenager’s life can be. It has its drama moments, just like in any other teenager’s life. Friends that come and go, fights and tantrums, bad news, trouble. First loves and first kisses. Gemma’s life is, at the very least, uncomplicated.

Nothing like Jess’. Jess Tyler is a couple of years older than Gemma, he’s her best friend since they were little kids. Jess’ life, in comparison to Gemma’s, is everything but uncomplicated. Unlike Gemma, Jess has serious issues going down, a father that drinks to drown his problems instead of taking better care of his family being the biggest of all. Jess is a protector, you can see it from the start in the way he takes care of Gemma and looks out for her. He protects her, his family, but who protects him?

I fell in love with this book instantly. The friendship between Gemma and Jess warmed my heart and made me hope they could get their happy ending. As problems grow for Jess he holds onto Gemma for support. She’s his rock; she’s what keeps him sane and going. They are a constant in each other’s lives, and their friendship and chemistry flows easily. They face more pain and heartache than most teenagers go through, but leaning into each other they make it through, they keep on going.

I loved how, even though people tried to put them against the other, they didn’t break. Their bond went deeper than that. It was one of those friendships that last forever. They trusted each other completely, never doubting or accusing. And when Gemma’s problems are the ones growing Jess is there for her, just like she is for him.

Second Kiss broke my heart a million times over. I was not expecting it to make me so emotional; I was not expecting it to actually make me cry. I actually tear up now, as I remember all they had to go through. It made my heart ache to see them in pain, but it warmed me to see that they were together and then had someone to count on through it all. I kept hoping for them to finally see how they actually felt towards the others, to see that their feelings ran deeper than just being friends. And when they did, well I was crying again, but this time because I was happy.

Second Kiss was incredibly sweet and tender, and all that much heartbreaking. It was a book I didn’t want to see end. I wanted to see more of the relationship that was just starting. Second Kiss is one of those books that I will forever hold close to my heart, it was a beautiful book, there’s really no other way of describing it… it was unbelievably sweet and beautiful.
“I didn’t get you the most powerful gem in the world just because I think you’re powerful,” he said with a teasing smile. “I got you the most powerful gem in the world because of us.”