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Tempting the Best Man  - J. Lynn Hmm… well, it’s review time. So, here we go…

Tempting the Best Man was pretty epic. I’m trying pretty hard to put my thoughts in order here, so bear with me.

Madison Daniels is on her way to her brother’s wedding already despising the idea of all she will have to suffer through. She’s the Maid of Honor, and the Best Man just happened to be the guy she had been in love with since she was a child. Only now –even though she still have a crush on him –she sort of hates him… or maybe not. She’s dreading having to face Chase and being so near him. Why you ask? Oh, they have history!

Something had happened to them in the past, something that had left Maddie heart broken, something that had made of Chase a womanizer of sorts. So, what happened? Finding the answer to this question was an aching journey. We had barely started and I was already dying to know what had happened to them to make things so difficult. I’m a curious person per se, but this was killing me. Her angst and anger towards him, and his undying belief that things would never work kind of hand me on edge, and dying of curiosity.

As the story progresses little things happen here and there, and slowly we discover their past, and what happened one night a few years ago. Here is where I stand my ground and say: I’m taking Maddie’s side! I mean… seriously! I wanted to kick Chase. What the hell, man!? Who does that!? I was really angry at him. I was furious! And that was when I stopped liking him… well not really, but that’s when started approaching him more warily, hesitantly. I’m fast on falling for characters, but I wasn’t letting Chase in that easily, I was angry at him. Oh, so angry! That asshole! Gah!

Okay, moving on now.

So, back to the present. Maddie and Chase are put together as roomies due to some…issues. Just their luck. Actually, Maddie didn’t get one right; the poor girl has some serious bad luck. Anyway, they have to spend the night in the same room, but how is that going to turn out when they can’t say a word to each other without starting a fight? How will that work out when being close each other they can’t control the need for being together?

Well, that should be interesting.

The tension between them was undeniable; everyone could see it and feel it. Only they didn’t want to give in. Maddie in fear of getting hurt again, and Chase because he thought he would never be good enough for her. But between arguments and kisses things start to change.

Chase was finally seeing what she really meant for him. He was trying to get passed his father’s mistakes and realizing that they shouldn’t be his own. He was finally seeing he was better than his cheating-asshole of a father. That he was good enough for Maddie, that he just had to give them a chance.
“The ache was back in his chest again, and this time, he knew it wasn’t for the lack of her hugs. It was for the lack of her in his life.”

But sometimes that just isn’t enough. Sometimes you’re too late to realize this things… or are you? The amount of misunderstandings these two got in because they didn’t talk to each other kind of got on my nerves. I wanted to shake them both and scream: talk aready, just talk!

When things were settling down and I was finally able to take a breath and think my their happily ever after was right there, buuuuut! But then they go and blew it all away.

A series of decisions after that and I was worrying they wouldn’t talk and clear things about. You know how it is, when one sees things clearly the other decides it’s time to block it all out. The one being Maddie this time. She was running away, blocking him from her life for good. Not that I blamed her, he did made some pretty stupid mistakes like leaving her after the most amazing night they spent together, he could have left a note, okay!. She was ready to let him go, and I was ready to pull all my hair out, and then… voilà
“Aw hell, Maddie, I’m not good at this kind of stuff. You… you are my world. You’ve always been my world, ever since I can remember.”

Tempting the Best Man is an amazing book, I truly loved it. It really messed with my emotions, hence the extensive status update list. It was pretty funny at times, and steamy at others. Okay, wait. It was downright hot at times. It made me angry, and anxious, and happy. And oh-so-excited for the books to come. I’m looking forward to reading them soon.