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Weekend Agreement - Barbara  Wallace *Happy sigh* What an amazing book. It totally lightened my mood in this rainy afternoon.

Charlotte Doherty is a history professor intent on keeping alive her history. Intent on holding on to the little she has left of her mother. The farm she grew up on. Once back from her book-promoting trip she finds her brother sold her only left connection to their mother, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her farm back. Even if it means facing rich and powerful Daniel Moretti. Facing Mr. Moretti, though, is more of a challenge than Charlotte anticipated. She wasn’t going to get her farm back that easily.

Daniel Moretti is a cold and calculating business man, in his world there’s no place for vulnerably, weakness, or any emotions for that matter. Nothing gets to him, and he usually gets his way. He’s in control. Or he used to be, until he was face to face with an emerald green silky sundress, a pair of curves and matching green eyes.

Despite his initial shock, Daniel was good at what he did, he knew how to control his emotions. And he was not about to let a pair of green eyes –no matter how distracting and beautiful they were –get in the way of his business. But Charlotte would do anything to recover her little piece of history, even submit to an arrangement. Only Daniel’s idea of an arrangement wasn’t quite what she had in mind.

But…whatever for the family history, right? Charlotte agrees to his little deal, spending the weekend with him, under once condition: that he signs papers agreeing to a hands-off clause, or else the farm is hers, for free.

Let the party begin!

Weekend Agreement was a remarkably captivating story! I read it superfast, yet managed to enjoy it thoroughly. An easy read for sure, and such loveable characters, too. Props to Barbara Wallace for creating this wonderful story.

I was charmed by Daniel since the very beginning. He’s brooding and dark, a perfect cynic and doesn’t trust anyone but himself. It was his broken soul and lack of faith in people that made me love him even more. I wanted to hug him and some other things I shall not mention and take care of him, show him the world wasn’t always black or white… or in his case, just black. What saddened me the most was how he wouldn’t trust her. Not really. Even if his emotions said something he would immediately shoot them down. Everyone wanted something from him, everyone wanted his money, surely Charlotte couldn’t be different.

In contrast to Daniel, Charlotte’s a deeply trusting woman. She believes people mean well, she’s insecure, yet strong at the same time. And she’s set to show Daniel that people do care about him, whether he wants to accept it or not, her being the first of them.

Their relationship starts hesitantly. Their attraction is obvious, but Daniel isn’t about to let her in, at the minimal sign of connection he shuts her out, returning to his guarded self. But Charlotte is sure there’s more to Daniel than his dark looks and angry demeanor. The little glimpses she gets of his lonely and vulnerable side makes her want to reveal them completely, and somehow show him not everyone is as bad and manipulating as he thinks.

Little things bring them together through the weekend (aka Daniel’s infuriating family), until their need for each other is impossible to ignore anymore.

Weekend Agreement was sweet and endearing at parts, heartbreaking and steamy at others. It made my heart ache for Daniel and want to slap his asshole of a mother. I wanted them to get together and for him to accept that Charlotte was different, that she wanted him just as much as he did her. But acceptance takes time, and in the meantime I died a little. Good things to those who wait, though, right? Wink.
“I don’t want to be like Esther,” he told her. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life mourning the love of my life.”
Her vision blurred. “Esther’s love wasn’t real.”
“Mine is.”