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Wrecked - Anna Davies I really expected more from this book, what with GoodReads description and the first few chapters I was really excited about it. No, I was ecstatic! I think prospect of what might happen, and how it would unfold lead me to set my expectations far too high. It is also the first time I read a book about mermaids and what-not, but I’m always open to new genres so I believe that wasn’t the problem.

This is also the very first time I write a ‘bad’ review, and I’m sad about it, but there are things we just can’t avoid. English is not my first language –and I think I’ve mentioned this before on another review –so I’m not one to speak of flaws or mistakes, or whatever-you-want-to-call-them. I am not one to notice them either, because when a story is good I don’t even pay attention to such details, but with Wrecked it was impossible not to notice them.

What confused me the most about Wrecked was that it didn’t seem to have a steady pace. Sometimes I felt it was dragging and I wanted it to move forward already; and there were parts that went by too fast and I was left wondering if I had missed something. It also might have been because of the way it was narrated, in third person. I found myself having to re-read parts because I didn’t know who was talking.

What saved me from giving up on this book altogether was Christian. I liked him. I didn’t love him, but I liked him. He was… strong willed, and sweet, yet sometimes not too believable. Miranda was overall irritating. She frustrated me to no end. I wanted to scream at her to not just settle so easily, to have some voice over her jerk of a grandmother, and all through the book she did it once. Once and it lacked the determination required when one is trying to win in an argument. Her classmates and all school staff are simply infuriating. The way they treated her and all things regarding the accident made me angry. I won’t even waste time mentioning much about Eleanor –Miranda’s grandmother –because really I hated her, she was cold and not grandmother-like whatsoever. The only time she expressed some sort of emotion I had a hard time believing her, one because it was abrupt and out-of-the-blue and two, because I already hated her too much.

There was a tentative romance story there, but it lacked chemistry. I didn’t feel anything, not even when they kissed. And I have to say that their kiss was one of those things that happened way too fast. One moment they were talking and then they were kissing, and then it was over. I wish the author had given a little bit more time to developing their relationship than explaining unimportant things.

My actual rating of Wrecked is 2.5 stars and I would have rounded it up, had not the end destroyed my every hope. It wasn’t want I expected. And while there are good and bad ‘not what I expected’, this certainly wasn’t good. I was overall disappointed. After all they went through I wanted more to their relationship, not just a ‘let’s see what happens in the future.’