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Betwixt - Melissa Pearl *Swoooooooon*
I’m still in cloud nine, people! So beware because this review might not be what to expect.

Okay, I’m just kidding. But I thought I should mention that reviewing after just finishing a book isn’t always a good idea, because like I just said I’m still flying with it. It was freaking awesome, and I’m trying to contain myself.

Nicole Tepper is the popular girl. The girl everyone likes, the girl every guy wants to “date.” Nicole is a mean girl. In blood and flesh. And she acts her role like a pro. But as you might have guessed, it’s a mask to hide her real self. To hide herself from her problems. To hide the guilt swimming inside of her.

Like the mean girl that she is, Nicole doesn’t forgive anyone. Dale is no exception. To keep the pretenses in front of her friends she acts like an asshole with him, when he was only being completely sweet and adorable.

On one of her usual Tuesday group studies with her friends (aka party Tuesdays), things don’t go as planned. Leaving with her boyfriend of the moment, Trent, doesn’t seem like a good idea when it’s clear he only wants one thing. One thing Nicole is not in the mood for. So obviously he has to leave her in the middle of nowhere, alone and without her phone. Asshole, much? Yup.

On her walk back home, or the way that she thought home might be, Nicole gets hit by a car. But instead of helping her, the driver flees the scene.

Alone in the dark and in immense pain, Nicole blacks out, only to wake up in her bed on the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before. Only…

Only no one seems to see her, either everyone is ignoring her, or she just turned invisible. It can’t be possible, right? It looks like it can. As Nicole realizes she can actually pass through things (and people!), and that no one can see or hear her, she panics. She needs help; she needs someone to find her body before it’s too late.

Can it be fate messing with her, when the person she humiliated not so long ago is the only person that can hear her? Maybe it is, but she’s got to take what she can get. Dale might be her only chance at surviving this, that is, if someone doesn’t beat him to the punch.

Nicole was really mean at the beginning. So much I actually kind of hated her. But she grew on me. She was clearly troubled, with a family that seemingly didn’t give a rat’s ass about her, or what she did.

Dale Finnigan is the weird guy at school, with a big scar that runs the side of his face. He doesn’t have many friends, but the ones he has, he cherishes. Dale is a good guy, sweet and caring. Totally won me over from minute one.

He’s just the right person to make Nicole see that everyone deserves a second chance.

Betwixt was a really great book. I would have given it a full on five stars, if it weren’t for a few things that made the story not too believable. Considering we’re in a scenario where a girl’s soul leaves her body, and she gets to communicate with one guy who will help her find her body before it’s too late, of course. They were small things, that either annoyed me or made me snort, but otherwise Betwixt was pretty amazing.

It was hard not to feel for both Nicole and Dale on their quest to put the clues together and find her on time. It was harder not to be heartbroken as the stories behind both of them unfolded. And harder still, not to scream in desperation as Dale did everything in his power to save her. I swear, seeing him in pain and desperately trying to save Nicole, broke my heart completely. I might have cried a little, but you know… let’s not linger on that.

Betwixt was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It was sweet and lovely. It had me holding my breath and praying everything would be okay. There’s suspense and romance, and to hell with it, I think it’s going to my favorites!
"And I want to kiss you every day, but not just because I'm saying goodbye."

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