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Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor Is it November yet? NO?!


What a coincidence it comes out a day after my birthday, I think I got myself a present, who wants to give it to me?

Love Unrehearsed: The Love Series, Book 2

Love Unrehearsed  - Tina Reber I liked the other cover better! *pout*

Proust, l'étranger. (C.R.I.N.: Cahiers De Recherche Des Instituts Neerlandais De Langue Et De Litterature Francaise)

Proust, l'étranger. (C.R.I.N.: Cahiers De Recherche Des Instituts Neerlandais De Langue Et De Litterature Francaise) (French Edition) - Karen Haddad-Wotling, Vincent Ferré Today was the cover reveal. It's pretty! :D

Just For Now

Just For Now  - Abbi Glines Eeek! Tomorrow is the cover reveal everyone! :D

And not to brag, but... I've seen it! *cough*

Why, you ask? Because I'm participating on the cover reveal! YAY me! lol You can check it out on my blog, tomorrow (Monday, September 24th) after 12:01 am EST!!

Just Remember to Breathe

Just Remember to Breathe - Charles Sheehan-Miles I just finished reading the excerpt and right now I don’t think I want to read this book at all after it’s released.

I really hope this is not an excerpt of the final version because the amount of typos on the six chapters I read is insane, and that I noticed them at all is saying a lot, since I don’t normally do.

I hope the characters are developed better on the final version too, because right now they just seem incredibly shallow. I will probably end up reading it, just to know if this excerpt was the real deal, because I’m weird like that. And because I’m a little curious too, but as it is right now, I’m in no hurry to read it at all.

Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster  - Jamie McGuire *EDIT*

WE HAVE A COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And there's a decription. And a date! And oh my god!

Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1)

Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1) - Virginia Smith Wow. My first unfinished book of the year.

I admit that it is partly my fault that I'm not able to finish, for I should have checked what it was about before I stared reading. Maybe that way I would have prevented myself the disappointment. And saved some time in the process (time that I'm really lacking right now).

The book did have some potential, but it's not within my usual genres, and while that shouldn't have been a problem, it was. A big one.

It felt completely unreal to me. It wasn't believable. It felt forced, and quite frankly I fould it slightly absurd at times. And I say slightly because I don't want to make a big deal out of this.

It was most definitely not for me, and I'll make sure not to make this mistake again. It sadens me a little not being able to finish it. I hate to quit, but it was a waste of time to read something I was not enjoying, something that was making me more bored than I already was, instead of having the opposite effect.

Again, Stuck in the Middle was not for me, but maybe it is for you. I'm afraid that, even though there were some entertaining parts, I can't give it more than one star, given I could not finish it.

Barefoot: A Novel

Barefoot - Elin Hilderbrand Ah! *swoon*
Barefoot in the Sand was pretty amazing. A nice, sweet romance to keep you swooning, and aww'ing and eveything.
I will write a proper review when I can get a hold of my computer ;)
It's recommended!

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby - Victoria  James Eeeeekkk!!!! Okay. I am happy now. And can go sto sleep, of course. Let me do a happy dance first, tough. EEEKKK! :D I shall be back with a review tomorrow!


Betwixt - Melissa Pearl *Swoooooooon*
I’m still in cloud nine, people! So beware because this review might not be what to expect.

Okay, I’m just kidding. But I thought I should mention that reviewing after just finishing a book isn’t always a good idea, because like I just said I’m still flying with it. It was freaking awesome, and I’m trying to contain myself.

Nicole Tepper is the popular girl. The girl everyone likes, the girl every guy wants to “date.” Nicole is a mean girl. In blood and flesh. And she acts her role like a pro. But as you might have guessed, it’s a mask to hide her real self. To hide herself from her problems. To hide the guilt swimming inside of her.

Like the mean girl that she is, Nicole doesn’t forgive anyone. Dale is no exception. To keep the pretenses in front of her friends she acts like an asshole with him, when he was only being completely sweet and adorable.

On one of her usual Tuesday group studies with her friends (aka party Tuesdays), things don’t go as planned. Leaving with her boyfriend of the moment, Trent, doesn’t seem like a good idea when it’s clear he only wants one thing. One thing Nicole is not in the mood for. So obviously he has to leave her in the middle of nowhere, alone and without her phone. Asshole, much? Yup.

On her walk back home, or the way that she thought home might be, Nicole gets hit by a car. But instead of helping her, the driver flees the scene.

Alone in the dark and in immense pain, Nicole blacks out, only to wake up in her bed on the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before. Only…

Only no one seems to see her, either everyone is ignoring her, or she just turned invisible. It can’t be possible, right? It looks like it can. As Nicole realizes she can actually pass through things (and people!), and that no one can see or hear her, she panics. She needs help; she needs someone to find her body before it’s too late.

Can it be fate messing with her, when the person she humiliated not so long ago is the only person that can hear her? Maybe it is, but she’s got to take what she can get. Dale might be her only chance at surviving this, that is, if someone doesn’t beat him to the punch.

Nicole was really mean at the beginning. So much I actually kind of hated her. But she grew on me. She was clearly troubled, with a family that seemingly didn’t give a rat’s ass about her, or what she did.

Dale Finnigan is the weird guy at school, with a big scar that runs the side of his face. He doesn’t have many friends, but the ones he has, he cherishes. Dale is a good guy, sweet and caring. Totally won me over from minute one.

He’s just the right person to make Nicole see that everyone deserves a second chance.

Betwixt was a really great book. I would have given it a full on five stars, if it weren’t for a few things that made the story not too believable. Considering we’re in a scenario where a girl’s soul leaves her body, and she gets to communicate with one guy who will help her find her body before it’s too late, of course. They were small things, that either annoyed me or made me snort, but otherwise Betwixt was pretty amazing.

It was hard not to feel for both Nicole and Dale on their quest to put the clues together and find her on time. It was harder not to be heartbroken as the stories behind both of them unfolded. And harder still, not to scream in desperation as Dale did everything in his power to save her. I swear, seeing him in pain and desperately trying to save Nicole, broke my heart completely. I might have cried a little, but you know… let’s not linger on that.

Betwixt was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It was sweet and lovely. It had me holding my breath and praying everything would be okay. There’s suspense and romance, and to hell with it, I think it’s going to my favorites!
"And I want to kiss you every day, but not just because I'm saying goodbye."

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My Beautiful Failure

My Beautiful Failure - Janet Ruth Young I'm beyond heartbroken right now. It's a oh-my-go-someone-tell-me-I-read-that-wrong heartbroken. Seriously. I think the end was meant to calm me a little bit, I suppose, but it didn't work. This is a sad-oh-so-sad moment. Goodness!

I will post my review once I get back from class later tonight. I'm still thinking about the rating, it might change. But for what it's worth, it was mostly a good book. Taking out the first half that didn't really do it for me and the fact that it completely broke my heart and made me cry.
Yes. Mostly a good book.

You'll learn the full details later, when I have my review up.

Rescue My Heart (An Animal Magnetism Novel)

Rescue My Heart  - Jill Shalvis Rescue My Heart was a really great book. It had a little bit of everything, love, friendship, heartbreak and hot scenes. ;)

Best part is, it works as a standalone! You don't have to read the other books in the series to understand it. Yay! :p

It's In His Kiss

It's in His Kiss - Caitie Quinn [This is a short story and as such it is reviewed differently than full lengths books]

Eeek! How can such a short story be so damn good?!

It was beyond cute. And so funny!

Jenna is a writer. She writes a YA series and her character is in serious need of her first kiss. The only problem is Jenna can’t write it. Why? Well, write about what you know they say. If only Jenna’s first kiss wasn’t one she’d like to forget.

What does she do? Call for backup. And backup comes in form of her extremely-good-looking-men-attracting friend, Lisbeth. Who isn’t much of a friend, actually. She’s more of an attention-seeking-biscuit. If you know what I mean. And no, I didn’t like her. One bit.

They go to a bar so Jenna can find a man to kiss, and take notes, and then write her book based on said experience. And she actually intends on verbalizing all that.
"So I was wondering if, maybe, you could consider, perhaps, kissing me and I could think about what it would be like being a first kiss of sorts and, if you don't mind, I'd like to make some notes."
Ah, yeah. Sometimes I felt incredibly embarrassed for her. And by sometimes I mean well… always. It wasn’t even forty pages long, it’s not like I could feel it a number of times, right?

Moving on.

After embarrassing herself beyond belief, Jenna wants to quit on the whole thing. But that would mean losing her contract, so maybe she could give it another try? Or maybe not. Especially since a very hot guy can’t stop making fun of her, and humiliating her, and laughing at her. Even less if he’s doing all that just to get her friend’s attention. Or is he?

It’s In His Kiss was actually pretty funny. And completely snort-worthy, as promised. Jenna has such a funny, witty voice; it’s hard not to fall for it. And let’s not forget Mocking Guy, who would pass that up?

I really didn’t think it was possible to love such a short story, but as it turns out it is. And I need more. I need more by this author and I need it now. I’m actually left hoping it was longer, so I could find out more about all of them. But if such a short story got me like this, imagine what a full length story from this author can do? Caitie, not to be rude or anything but… what are you waiting for?
"Didn't she know sidekicks were benign?"
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Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys To say I was hesitant to read this book is pretty much an understatement. I bought it on a book fair here in my city, it was the only book cover that I recognized, but I didn't remember what it was about, and the back cover summary wasn't giving much away, so I took a chance and bought it.

When I later read Goodread's description I was freaking out a little. It was way far from my usual reads. In fact, I'm not a fan of history. At all. So yes, I was scared of reading it and hating it, even more when I heard a few people saying they were disappointed with it.

As it turns out it wasn't so bad after all, and if I'm being completely honest, it was way more than just "not bad." It was amazing and beautiful.

I was scared it would be more of a history lesson, and I wouldn't understand much since my knowledge in this topic is pretty limited. I'm bad in history, I have a bad memory so it's hard to remember things that don't really call my attention. History in school was hell for me.

Between Shades of Gray was a moving and beautiful book. And also, a book I find very difficult to review. Maybe it's because I read it in Spanish and now I have to translate every word in my head to write this review, and maybe it is because I'm still in that high after reading such a good book.

Between Shades of Gray made me cry, and cry, and scream some, and cry some more. It was incredibly touching and emotive. It was beautifully written too (keep in mind that I read the Spanish translation, and if you remember me saying that I hate reading translated books, to say that I liked this one, is saying a lot).

It follows the story of Lina, a fifteen-year-old Lithuanian girl deported along with her mother and little brother by the NKVD under Stalin's orders, around 1941.

The horrors and atrocities these people went through on a daily basis is unimaginable. It hurts just to think it could be possible, and the thing is: it was. It happened.
"Sure, we were safe. Safe in the arms in hell."

They starve, they get sick, they die. People work to their bones for a little bit of food. 300 grams of bread, actually. They are humiliated, tortured, killed.

The novel does nothing to hide the horrors they went through, as it shouldn't. I think the pain and anger Lina felt was amazingly portrayed in this novel. I was angry along with her, I was livid! I wanted to get into the book and punch everyone in the face. And maybe hug Lina and Andrius, and her brother. And yeah.
“I planted a seed of hatred in my heart. I swore it would grow to be a massive tree whose roots would strangle them all.”

But not all is pain and hurt. There's love, too. I think this is what made be fall in love with this book. That no matter how much pain and suffering you're going through there's always that ray of sun shinning through that will keep you going, as cheesy as it may sound. Lina's little say of sunshine was her family, her mother and her brother, and her need to find her father. And eventually, Andrius too.

I'm too much of a romantic addict not to notice the little romance in the novel and grab onto it to help me keep going. It kept hoping for more, wishing it would turn out okay. I'm too much of a romantic addict not to swoon and cry over the little we get to glimpse of Lina and Andrius' love and relationship.

Between Shades of Gray might start off slowly, painfully, but it will claw its way into your heart and not let you go. When I was done reading it, I told everyone that would hear about it. I needed to share all the pain and love that was this book. I needed to let it out and maybe get someone else to read it so I could have someone to gush about it with.

I got my wish.

Between Shades of Gray was inevitably dark, but moving, and beautiful, and despite not being my usual genre I loved it just as any other book in my usual genres. I will always keep it close to me, especially since I have it in paperback and can hug it any time I want. Don't laugh at me, I'm silly like that sometimes. So what?
“That's when I saw it. A tiny silver of gold appeared between shades of gray on the horizon.
I stared at the amber band of sunlight, smiling.
The sun had returned.”

It's recommended! Even if it's not on your comfort zone, give it a try, it might surprise you.

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The Proposition

The Proposition - Katie Ashley [This review will be gif-filled in honor of Katie, my fellow Gif whore. And yes, I’m talking about the author. By the way, thank you Katie for the ARC!]

Holy mother!


If you asked me what I thought of The Proposition, that’s what I would say. Okay, no. Maybe I would say something way stronger, but on the off chance that there are kids reading this I won’t say it. And by the way, if you’re a kid, don’t read this.

Where shall I begin?

Emma Harrison wants a family and she wants it now. Tired of waiting for the right guy to start a family with she decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. But getting a sperm donor might not be as easy as she thought it would be, especially when her best guy-friend refuses to cooperate. But what if… What if Connor is not her only option after all? What if there’s someone else willing to go along with her plans, as long as she agrees to a few conditions? How far will Emma go to have her dream of being a mom fulfilled?

Enter Aidan. Aidan Fitzgerald is cocky, arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, bigheaded, conceited, am I missing anything?… Okay, okay! I’m only kidding. I’m just a little mad at him, but we’ll get to that soon enough. Aidan is a little cocky yes, he’s way too hot for his own good, but you know how men are. Stoke his ego a little and you’ll only help to make it bigger… Let’s just say Aidan had a lot of stroking going on… and… stuff.


Okay, I’m getting carried away. He’s good-looking and he knows it, so he uses it to his advantage to get whatever –and whoever –he wants. Aidan is not used to getting rejected, so when Emma wants nothing to do with him and his womanizing ways, well… it strucks a nerve, and makes him want her all that much. When the perfect opportunity to get what he wants is right in front of him, he will not hesitate to take it. No matter the cost. But did he stop to think about the consequences?

Against her better judgment Emma takes up Aidan’s proposition. But when emotions get in the way, is she really willing to risk her heart for a chance at motherhood? Is he even capable of changing his ways for her and his soon-to-be-born child?


Just kidding. I’m not telling! You’ll have to read to find out.

The Proposition made me feel all kinds of things. I understood Emma’s need to be a mother, her desire that run deeper than anything else, and I felt for her. Her pain and her love. And I got Aidan too, a little. After a difficult relationship in the past he closed off, he said no more to the pain and heartbreak, and I can go with that. What I can’t go with is him being an asshole because of it, and here lays the reason for my anger with him.

There was also a moment there that I really wanted to kick Aidan and make it impossible to be a father again. Yes, I was that angry at him. My heart was seriously beating out of my chest! All the time I kept thinking: “he can’t do this to her, he can’t do this to her, damn it!” but he was doing it and it was driving me crazy and I wanted to kill him.


I mean… he could be so sweet and caring, even loving, one moment and then it was like he snapped out of it and was back to being his cold detached self. It irritated me a little. Mostly because he was threatening my happily ever after. Yes, my happily ever after.

Then there was Emma’s insecurities, too. I think some people will find this a little irritating, her need for constant reassurance, but I’ll give her credit. It’s not easy when you’re falling in love with someone that might just run away at the mere mention of commitment.

Overall The Proposition was seriously steamy, and sweet and nice and heartbreaking and shocking!

Yup, this is the moment I talk about the ending. So, get ready for some ranting (assuming you don’t consider all the rest ranting, that is).

I was really glad as I read on to find that there were no major twists that broke my heart completely, and as I neared the end I was beaming. I’m going to have my happy ending! I though, and well…

I should have known how it was going to end, really. Especially when I saw I only had two pages left and it was nowhere close to an ending, unless it was super rushed in… which it wasn’t. Let me tell you that I actually went around screaming and then begged Katie to give me my last missing pages asked Kaite if I was missing the ending of my copy. You can ask her. It’s the total truth. One word (okay, three): OH. MY. GOD!

That’s my ending reaction. Like…




So yes, I think I need to be fair to the people that will read this when it’s released in like three days, so I’ll warn you now, there’s a cliffhanger. And I’ll warn you again, it will make you want to pull all your hair out and then maybe, just maybe stalk Katie until she tells you what will happen next. Not that I did. Not that I won’t.

On a last note, and this goes to Katie: write fast, dude! I need the next book now! Or you’ll be responsible for my therapy sessions after this.


And no, don’t try that with authors that you don’t know or they can sue you. Maybe?


Katie, can I get a sneak peak? Something? Anything? Pretty please? Will do it for your gif-twin? Yes? Maybe I should mention that my birthday is the 5th. *cough*

Yes, I totally used that gif on purpose!

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Secrets of a Summer Night (The Wallflowers, Book 1)

Secrets of a Summer Night  - Lisa Kleypas One Night With a Hero was, damn, so good! Sexy, sweet, heartbreaking, endearing and all kinds of amazing.

Brady Scott is part of the Army Special Forces, sent stateside to get his emotions under control. You see, he has some serious anger management issues. And until he can get over his past and all the rage swimming inside him he cannot return to his missions.

With a dark and painful past, it’s hard for Brady to let go of the anger he has towards his father. In fact, it just might be the only thing that keeps him together, his anger. Having spent the last years of his teenage life taking care of his sister and protecting both her and himself from the abuses of his drunken father, Brady is brooding, and broken. He doesn’t believe in love or any lasting emotions, and keeps his guard up at all times.

So you can imagine his surprise (and my delight) when he finds a woman that might just be enough to keep his mind from dark places.

Jocelyn –Joss –Daniels is all colors and rebellion… on the outside. She has multiple tattoos across her body, a tongue piercing and pink highlights on her hair. But on the inside lays a very insecure, vulnerable woman wary of anything that might hurt her already broken heart.

When they meet sparks fly. Brady is both captivated and intrigued by this woman’s obvious wit and vulnerability, and especially by the strong attraction he feels towards her. Yet his past has never let him have more than one night to forget, one night to let go. But Joss might just prove to be too addicting for only one night.

Joss doesn’t usually indulge herself in one-night-stands, but why shouldn’t she? She’s a grown woman, who feels utterly attracted to a very hot, and sweet man. Albeit a stranger, but still.
A very hot, damn sexy, purportedly non-serial-killer stranger.

Can I excuse myself for a second (or a few) to swoon in peace? My god! It’s hard not to swoon when Brady is involved. I mean, how can you resist his hotness and obvious sweetness and protectiveness towards Joss? I sure couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Isn’t it just that much better when they just can’t figure out why they feel such things? Ah!

One Night With a Hero had me in a rollercoaster of emotions. First I was fanning myself. Let me just tell you, those first few pages were hot! Then I was totally swooning, and maybe pouting a little too. I could feel the heartbreak in the air. And it was going to be a major one. I may or may not have cried a little. And wanted to slap Brady so hard it hurt. Jeez!

Okay, yes I was majorly angry with Brady. Read it, you’ll know why. It could be summed up to: stupid mistakes followed by stupid words. Damn him! I was angry, but I forgave him, all in my true fashion, of course.

In a way I also understood him, it was hard. But there is no excuse to treat the woman you love the way he did. So I was taking Joss’ side and I thoroughly enjoyed her torturing him… Even though it might not have been torturing, only I took it like that?

Anyway. I got carried away, as per usual. As I was saying… first I was fanning myself, then I was swooning and getting angry and all that stuff, and then I was grinning so hard my cheeks hurt.

I loved the last thirty percent of this book to death. It was beyond perfect. It made me smile a lot. It wasn’t a rushed happy ending like some books tend to have, it was slow and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
And then he kissed her long and hard, marveling at how the rest of his life had started with just one night.

One Night With a Hero was a great read. Steamy, sweet and heartwarming, a romance story you don’t want to miss. Plus, there’s the addition of seeing Alyssa and Marco again (from Her Forbidden Hero).

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