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The Billionaire Bum - Samantha Blair I don't even know how to rate this book.

I was intrigued by the cover of course, and the description. I know following books because of its cover ain't wise, but damn! Most of the time good covers equal good books. Not this time though.

It wasn't that the book sucked, per se. It just wasn't really good.

Which may or may not be the same as sucked? Hmmm…

At the beginning and for about 40% of it or so, it was fine. It wasn't the best writing I've ever come across, but it was passable. Not a wow plot either, but it was making me giggle in its absurdness. It wasn't exactly believable you see.

Mainly it reminded me of my old fanfiction days. It still has a fanfiction feel to it, and though I am not sure from which fandom it is coming from I think I could gather some hints from thorough the story. It could probably use some serious editing, and maybe then it would be a much more enjoyable book.

I'm going to rate it 2 stars because it wasn't really good (and that might just be me being generous). I read fairly fast, yes, and it made me laugh and maybe swoon a little, yes. But I'm easy like that sometimes, and I can be won over rather fast by the right words. Yet the story lacked something. It wasn't believable, bordering absurd sometimes, actually. And while I pride myself on not overthinking when I read –I like to enjoy and forget the technical aspects of writing –after so many great books I've read this week, it was pretty hard to ignore.

I’m afraid I can’t really recommend it. Unless you’re up for fanfiction. It doesn’t seem like it was changed much other than the names. It was fluffy, a bit steamy here and there, and maybe overdone. I think that might be it, everything seemed so… forced. It wasn’t flowing naturally, and that’s hard to let go when you’re constantly thinking ‘are these people for real?’.

It was… readable. But isn’t almost everything? It mostly felt unreal, but I got the end, so I guess it’s worth more than just one little star.