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Angel Baby - Leslie Kelly I don’t really know how to start. I’m actually surprised at how much I loved this book. Angel Baby was sweet and tender and sexy and downright amazing.

I was drawn in by the cover (the Amazon one, not the Goodreads one, which I didn’t like very much), it was cute. And after reading the summary I thought: why not? So I just dove right in, and I loved every second of it. Every single one. So much I actually stayed up until 3am reading, and only went to bed then because I had to get up early the next morning. If this doesn’t deserve a 5 star rating, I don’t know what does.

Claudia Warren is a recent widow, still grieving the loss of her husband and best friend, she finds solace in her soon-to-be-born daughter. Daughter that was supposed to be born in a couple of weeks, and not on her evening visit to the graveyard. Alone and pretty far away from the nearest hospital Claudia tries to hold her panic –and pray the pain away –as contractions hit her more frequently than she had noticed until that moment.

Chase Paxton is hoping to avoid all human interaction by going to visit his mom’s grave at the latest hour possible. When arriving he sees a car parked on the lot, so he decides to wait until the person leaves, but after a few moments, and considering patience is not one of Chase’s many qualities, he goes out to investigate. He sure as hell didn’t expect to find a very pregnant woman, about to go into labor, hunched over in pain.

I think I fell in love with this book when we come face to face with Chase’s tenderness and utter protectiveness over a stranger in need. He didn’t know her, yet he did everything he could to help her, even holding her hand and wishing her pain away as her first baby was born. I was already hooked by then, swooning over Chase and admiring Claudia’s strength.

The story behind Angel Baby was lovely.

Having had a difficult childhood at best, Chase grew up to be a rock. Never show emotions, don’t trust anybody, and never believe in love for it will only bring heartache. He never expected to be so shaken by this woman who gave birth in his house, and disappeared from his life the next day, as if nothing had ever happened.

Claudia was his opposite in so many fronts. She didn’t have a very happy childhood herself, but with the love of her friends she grew up to be a loving, honest woman. Unlike Chase she trusted openly, and she believed in love… to an extent.

So who better than her to teach him all he thought wasn’t worth the time?
He looked at her in confusion for a moment. She continued, "Why do you act so hard? I know the real you. I've seen you when you don't have your guard up. So, why the pretense?"

When Claudia is thrust back into his life after so many months without knowing a think about her, or her newborn daughter, Chase is surprised. Surprised to see her at all again, surprised to feel such a powerful attraction, and surprised to know she feels it too.

As the story progresses, so does their relationship and my love for this book. Claudia’s baby girl, Sarah, is utterly cute. I can never resist babies in books, or at all for that matter. Another thing I cannot resist is Chase being all cute with her. I was gushing every time he did something for the child, his love for her was so clear I was swooning.

And his love for the mother of said child too. Though their pasts made it hard for them to accept what they had together, and what they could have, it was beautiful nonetheless.

Chase found the most unbelievable moments to choose to be all sweet and tender to both Claudia and Sarah, and I was grinning all through it. But he could also be a bit stubborn and try to resist and fight against his feelings, which obviously had me scolding at him. I’ll tell you a secret though, he’s forgiven.

Angel Baby was such a lovely read. I think it’s the first “adult” book that’s going straight to my favorites. It was sweet, and emotive and steamy too. Yes, it’s an adult book after all, but what I loved about it was that there was no overdoing it, like some books tend to do. Even on its most steamy moments it was still, somehow… tender.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go read it again. Because writing this review made want to do so. Why yes, I meant it when I said I loved it!
“Chase smiled at her, a genuine, sweet smile, and Claudia felt the world shift. Something moved. Somewhere, her reality, her perception of herself and her life, altered with this one smile, and the echoes of his words in her ears.”

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