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Ceaseless  - Abbi Glines It’s over! I think I’m sad that this series is over already. I first read Existence on May of this year, it’s been only four months and it’s over.

It’s the first series I’ve completed in a long time. If I look back I think it’s the first series I complete since Twilight, which is saying a lot (wait, there was also Fifty Shades, but I’d rather forget about that one). I’ve started lots and lots of series since then, but this is the only one I’ve had the courage to actually finish.

I think it’s safe to say now, that the Existence Trilogy is one of my favorite series. And Ceaseless was an amazing end to it. It was –dare I say –pretty prefect.

The original description in goodreads had me worrying pretty badly. I mean, do you remember what it said? I was freaking out the first time I saw it:
He defied Heaven to keep her, he defeated evil to save her, but if her soul wants another... will he be able to let her go?

Do you see it? I kept thinking, after everything, Abbi can’t do this to us! She can’t! But she was going to…

In Ceaseless we are once again faced with Pagan and Dank fighting for their love, but this time there’s no angelic power trying to kill her, there’s no voodoo price trying to steal her soul. This time Pagan has to choose if she really wants to stay with Dank forever.

You see, every soul has its mate, and for Dank to be able to be with Pagan forever he needs to let her soul choose between him, and its mate. Who will Pagan choose? Who will she choose when she doesn’t remember ever meeting Dank at all, when every bit their time together and all they went through was erased from her memory?

Dank has only one choice: making her fall in love with him. Again.

I will come right out and say I was pretty close to tears on the Prologue. Yes, the Prologue! I’m emotional, so what? Sue me! But really, you’d be too if you read what I read. Maybe I should give you a little bit of it, so you understand me…
“She won't remember meeting Death and your breaking the rules to save her. She won't remember fighting for you. She won't remember the curse she suffered while under the spell of the voodoo spirit. It will all be washed clean.
If you want her, Dankmar, then you have to win her heart from the soul made to be her mate.”

Do you get me now? I was sure then that I was not going to be able to live through that kind of heartache again.

With Pagan now in college Ceaseless goes up a notch. In all senses. And I do mean in all of them. I don’t actually think this would classify as Young Adult anymore, I mean it was… intense.

Ceaseless was a perfect end to this amazing series. It explores all the emotions. There’s love and passion, heartache and betrayal, anguish and desperation, and love again. It was intense, heart wrecking and amazing. It got pretty steamy too! *wink wink*

And now to the ending, because I know that’s what everyone wants to know about (at least that’s what I wanted to know about before reading it). Don’t worry, I won’t give spoilers away, I’ll just tell you this: couldn’t have been better.

I think I read Ceaseless even faster than the first book. I was actually surprised when I realized it was over, mostly because I didn’t want it to be over. But I was also happy, happy that I read it, happy that it was so good, and happy that I got my happy ending.
"I knew then that I had never understood what humans called love. But that if it was anything close to the power [Pagan] held over me, then no wonder they searched for it so passionately."

There’s nothing left for me to say but this:

Abbi, thank you so much for this amazing series.


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