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All I Ever Wanted - Kristan Higgins All I Ever Wanted was a lovely book.

It was rather similar to Kristan Higgins' other book Too Good To Be True (which I read like two days ago), there were quite a lot of similarities, but oddly enough, I didn't really mind.

All I Ever Wanted was sweet and moving. I actually found myself crying, something I didn't expect to see happen. It also made me giggle like crazy, swoon and sigh over the cuteness that was this book. But don’t be fooled! It wasn’t all cuteness, I assure you. It had its steamy moments, and I liked how the author could make those moments rather hot without going into uh… unnecessary details.

Callie was very optimistic and sometimes hilarious! She believed in herself and though she could be rather silly (and embarrass herself beyond belief) she wasn't scared of being herself. She was talkative, very much so, and overall nice. Everyone liked her. And I do mean everyone! She was, I guess in a way, charming. Knew how to talk to people and win them over. Seeing how she won Ian over…

Ian was quite her opposite. He was quiet, and formal. And actually shy! How cute! I was swooning over him most of the time. The other times I was pouting over his cold demeanor. He had clearly gone through some… situations that brought him to be the way he was, but he could be sweet and caring if you gave him the chance.

All in all, All I Ever Wanted was pretty good. Way better than I expected. I was told Kristan Higgins is a great contemporary author, so I thought I could give her books a chance and I do not regret it. I went into a sort of frenzy last night. I got all her books! LOL! And I stayed up until four in the morning reading! Crazy!

So I think it’s safe to say I liked it. And I’ll be reading the rest soon, I hope. I need a paranormal break, really.