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Daughter of Smoke & Bone  - Laini Taylor Oh. My. God.

When I finished reading this book I was an emotional mess, and now three days later as I write this review I have to say I still am, and it’s just as intense.

Karou is a 17 year old art student; she has a best friend named Zuzana and an ex-boyfriend that doesn’t want to accept that it’s over. Her hair is blue and she often runs errands for a wishmonger. All normal stuff, obviously. Only one small detail: she doesn’t know who (or what) she is, or why she was raised by chimeras.

Akiva is an angel set on revenge. He’s mysterious and cold. He’s a warrior, and emotions shouldn’t be a part of him. But they were, once they were but then all he loved was taken from him, and now he is hunted by the memories. All there’s left if the need to avenge what he lost, and will never have again… or will he?

When one day he sees a blue-haired girl exit through an alley in Marrakesh, he feels drawn to her without explanation, so he follows her. And this is when hell breaks loose.

Through most of the beginning I felt confused, really confused. Probably as confused as Karou, what was happening? Who where this people? Who was she? I asked myself this questions time and time again, until the moment I got my answers. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoyed it nonetheless, but my anxiousness sometimes gets the better of me.

From the moment we meet Akiva I felt my heart fall, for him and for what is was going to happen. A premonition, if you will, and had I actually known with certainty where it would lead and how it would end, I would have prepared myself mentally for it.
“Was there any fate more bitter than to get what you long for most, when it's too late?”

This book tossed my heart from side to side in a way I can’t explain. I was hurting for Akiva SO BADLY. I felt his pain and hurt like not many books can make me feel. I felt for Karou too, of course, but it wasn’t the same. She was in ignorance to her life before the shop and Brimstone, she didn’t know better, but he had lived so much, so much pain and sorrow and hurt and desperation and hope and I was hurting along with him as I read his life story. It was like a pang in my chest every time.
This was a frequent occurrence thorough the book. Even more with every flashback to the past, I think I never ached so much in my life before.

The moment when Madrigal and Akiva met and how their love started was heartwarming, yet painful at the same time. It was so sweet and perfect, but I couldn’t help but think what would happen later to them and my heart was breaking for them there too.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t shake the sad feeling, not even when the thing I awaited the most happened, that amazing kiss between Akiva and Karou. The only times I was able to crack a smile was when Zuzana said something funny, or when Madrigal and Akiva where together, he was so happy then and so was I.

Every time Akiva and Karou where together it was bittersweet. I longed for them to have a happy, free of worries moment. It was a need I had for them to be together.
“Your soul sings to mine. My soul is yours, and it always will be, in any world. No matter what happens. I need you to remember that I love you.”

Everything about this book was perfect. The way it was written, the dialogues, the descriptions, the characters, how their emotions were described. Everything!

It left me aching to know more. I was expecting the ending even though I tried talking myself out of it many times. A story doesn’t have to finish with a happy ending to be perfect. And if I dare admit it myself, it fit. It wouldn’t make sense to make a rushed move to make everyone in the story happy. It’s the first time I’m left with an ending far from happy and I loved it.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone was raw and emotional, it was heartbreaking and intense. It was sweet yet anguishing. It was amazing.

Now all there’s left for me to do is wait, wait for the sequel to come and put me out of my misery. So, waiting I shall do. As patiently as I can, or as Akiva would say:
“With the infinite patience of one who has learned to live broken, he awaited her return.”

Okay, I’m not being entirely truthful. It can’t wait anymore. I think I’m going to die