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On One Condition - Diane Alberts Ah! I’m in love. With Damon.

Joanne is a kindergarten teacher in her mid-twenties. She has a strong personality, and is pretty stubborn, but she has a huge kind heart. She also happens to hate Valentine’s Day to the core. So what happens when she wakes up on the very day with a man in her bed? A man she didn’t even remember bringing him the night before? What happens? She kicks him out, without as much as a look. Strong personality I tell you, and strong will to kick someone like him out.

Damon Haymes is nothing more and nothing less than a freaking Viscount. A sweet and superhot one at that. Not to mention with the most amazing British accent ever. Can we say swoon, now? He’s caring, and in serious need of a wife. I’m free if you want, Damon!

Clearly they don’t meet in the most ideal situation, considering Joanne doesn’t even remember their first night together. How could she, right!? But then they meet again, that same night at Joanne’s school charity auction. Guess who bits more for her? Yup, you guessed right! (Not that it’s a secret, it’s in the description, anyways!)

Here’s when I turn into a giddy fangirl. I was already putty after hearing the words “British accent” –I’m a sucker for British men, and that sexy accent –so when he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him… well, I was swooning. So what? Sue me!

And to think we’re in the first few pages! Insane! I was already a goner, this book had my full attention since minute one.

Back to the book. He asks her to marry him, right? Guess what she does? She says no! So silly of her if you ask me… not that you did. I just like telling people what I think anyways. And I’m ranting. She said no, but even if she tried she couldn’t resist Damon’s charm, no one can. He’s too damn good! You know what happens after that, they get married. (Again, I’m not spoiling it, alright? Read the description if you think so!)

And this is when things get complicated.
Joanne is intent on keeping things strictly business-like. Her trusting issues run deeper than she lets on, and trusting Damon not to hurt her is not an easy decision to make, even if her hearts tries to convince her that he won’t. And on the other hand, Damon is doing everything in his power to win her over. He’s set on making her like him, as if he needed to push much. But, mysterious Sunday meetings aren’t helping his case. Especially when it makes it seem he’s having an affair. Like she would trust him like that, right?

That’s not the way life works, though. Things don’t always go as one plans, and sometimes (more like, most of the time… or always) you can’t help who you love and who you don’t. The problem is accepting those feelings and sharing them. When circumstances appear to push you against saying those words that could change everything, what do you do? You shut the hell up and wait. Or in their case, close down.

On One Condition really made my heart ache. For them, for the relationship and feelings they didn’t want to accept. It made my heart beat faster with every shared kiss and some other steamier moments. But it also made my heart warmer, for their shared sweet and tender moments, for their laugher and smiles. And for fighting towards their happy ever after.

On One Condition is a shot and enjoyable read. It will pull you down from the start, first you’ll be curious as to what things will lead, and then you’ll be rooting for this couple to find a way to be together and overcome their issues and the difficulties they’ll find in the way.