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Her Forbidden Hero  - Laura Kaye Oh my! Oh my!
I’m still pretty giddy over Her Forbidden Hero. It was sooo good! Like Marco Um... I guess I better get started with this review, no?

As my fashion goes I started this book last night, right about midnight. For some reason the books I choose to start late at night always end up keeping me up way more than I can actually afford to stay up... school night and all that. Who cares? I don’t regret it, at all. How could I really, after Marco this amazing book?

Alyssa Scoot is back at her hometown, fresh out of college, with no money to her name, and a fierce determination to get the job at Whiskey’s Music Roadhouse. She intends to be an even planner, but would really do anything for a job there. You can’t be too picky when you only have seventy bucks left, right? Plus, it’s the place where Marco Vieri works, her brother’s best friend and former Army Special Forces. Oh, and let’s not forget! He’s also Alyssa’s crush since… forever! Her very own forbidden hero, having saved her and her brother from an endless childhood of abuse and grief.

Marco. Oh, Marco! Give me a second while I swoon for a few minutes.
Marco Vieri, former Army Special Force, isn’t exactly thrilled with his life. All he really wishes for is to be able to go back to serving his country, but terrible things happened and he is no longer able to fulfill his duty. Marco is a shell of his former self, no longer outgoing and friendly; he is now dark and hunted by nightmares that leave him consumed by grief and guilt.

But then blue meets brow and we get hell of a book. Marco wasn’t happy to have sweet, innocent Alyssa working at Whiskey’s, with men lingering and drinking. The thing is Alyssa wasn’t the shy, innocent girl he knew from his childhood. She was a strong, independent woman. And she was hell bent on proving him just that.

Her Forbidden Hero really played with my heart strings. I was hurting for Marco like you have no idea. The author made an amazing job of portraying his emotions into the book. All his sadness and pain had me tearing up and hoping I could find a way to help him. But that’s what Alyssa was for. Lucy biscuit. As days go by they find themselves unable to hide the attraction they felt towards each other, and when Alyssa ends up at Marco’s place he does the impossible to stay away from her. She’s his best friend’s little sister, how could he touch her! That would be outrageous! *snort* Like they stood a chance. Wink, wink.

Alyssa is his key to some peaceful night’s sleep, yet the reason he stays awake at the same time. Marco has been protecting and taking care of her for as long as she can remember; now it’s her turn to do the same for him. But his burdens might be more than she can handle, or more than he is willing to put on her shoulders.

How will they survive that? You will have to read to find out. I can tell you this much, though: Her Forbidden Hero will be leave you rooting for this couple to find their happily ever after. It will leave you wanting to hold Marco and erase all his pain, it will leave you wanting to hug Alyssa and be proud of how strong she’s become. And it will leave you fanning yourself with quite some steamy scenes, hoping you were the one starring them instead of Alyssa. *giggle*
Oh! And I can't go without mentioning the lake scene! One word: HOT!

Read and rec’d! Hope you enjoy it just as much as I did. (;