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The Discovery of Socket Greeny (Authors) Bertauski, Tony (2010) published by Bertauski [Paperback]

The Discovery of Socket Greeny (Authors) Bertauski, Tony (2010) published by Bertauski [Paperback] - Bertauski,  Tony Authors I think this is the first time I read a science fiction book, and that is both good and bad. For one, because I wasn’t sure what to expect; and also because if I didn’t like it I would probably never read a science fiction book again. I’m more the romance-kind-of-chick. Yet –to my surprise –I found Discovery of Socket Greeny to be rather interesting and entertaining.

My first reaction to Virtualmode was: fucking cool. I can be like that sometimes. My brain just shuts down and no real useful word comes out. Putting that aside, it was really cool, okay!? Alright. Enough teasing. Discovery of Socket Greeny was overall a really great story. Socket was a really likeable character, and the way he acted and spoke made him really believable.

I had a little bit of a problem with all the technology. Though I consider myself fairly aquatinted with it, I did find myself in a riddle sometimes with all the new terms and devices.

The author’s attention to detail was perfect. I found that I could picture scenes with clarity and I simply loved that. On the other hand I wish we could have seen a little bit more of Socket’s relationship with his two best friends. I loved Chute to death, such a strong character!

Again Discovery of Socket Greeny was a quick and enjoyable read, and for a first time reading science fiction I’d like to think it went rather well.