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His Secret Temptation - Cat Schield Oh my! I don’t where to start. I’m actually really tempted to just spill all the magnificence His Secret Temptation was, but I’ll take it easy, for all of our sake’s.

His Secret Temptation starts rather great. If I’m being completely honest I loved the beginning more than anything else. There’s nothing like arriving home to find a gorgeous blonde woman sleeping in your bed, is there Simon? Or that’s what I would think if I were a boy, but I’m not. Whatever. I get you, Simon, no worries. So that’s how the story starts of, with Caroline fast asleep on Simon’s oh-so-comfy-and-great-smelling-bed. Yummy. After a startled wake Simon and Caroline get an unexpected guest, breaking their oh-so-clear attraction. Can we say swoon? Or maybe I should have said shit? Giggle.

That is when we meet Francine. Francine is Simeon’s brother Dane fiancée. How cute of her to go do a strip dance to her fiancée’s brother, huh? Some people just never learn. Lucky for Simon, Caroline was there and ready for some acting –despite her career choice –or maybe not. Okay, so ‘maybe not’ is an understatement, she was pretty opposed to it, but what can’t a swoon-worthy smile do, right? …Or a sexy as hell grin? Or a pair of mischievous blue eyes? Or…yeah I’ll stop now. You get the picture. I was swooning over Simon, no news there.

Anyway. Now Caroline was Simon’s pretend-fiancée and they had a whole lot of parties to attend to and a curious family to fool. Or really? This is where I stop my sum up of the story, first because I don’t want to spoil anything, and second because it would make it way too long.

I think I don’t need to elaborate more on how much I loved liked Simon. He was sweet and well…hot. Yet sometimes he frustrated me a little. His possessiveness towards Caroline was clear, and why he couldn’t see or admit his real feelings towards her got to me sometimes. What can I say? I’m a little impatient. Caroline, on the other hand, was a likeable character, but she let her life story –which by the way broke my heart –get in the way of her happiness. Just because she didn’t have the money of the fancy clothes didn’t mean she couldn’t deserve a man like Simon. Yet I felt for her, her story just destroyed me and had me in tears. It takes major strength to overcome what she did, and I just love strong characters.

His Secret Temptation is an amazing book. And oh-so-hot. How couldn’t it, having Simon right there, right? Seriously, there were some really steamy scenes you don’t want to miss. One other thing I cannot forget to mention is their sense of humor and sarcasm, who doesn’t love that? It had me grinning like an idiot rather often.

This is me totally recommending His Secret Temptation. It’s sweet and hot, yet sometimes a heart wrecking love story. It will have you rooting for both Simon and Caroline so bad! It will make you warm and happy, and grin like an idiot.