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Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler I read this book quite some time ago, just now have I come across it here and felt the need to review it.

I liked this book a lot. It has the power to bring you to tears and make you grin like an idiot at the same time. For me a book is good when you can feel what the character's feel, so Twenty Boy Summer is a very good book.

I admit I was angry at first that Anna and Matt's relationship ended before it had actually began. The more I got to read about the little time they spent together the more I hoped he would suddenly appear out of thin air. I was a giggling idiot when I got to read the part where they admit their feelings for eachother, so yes I was sad it couldn't have been more. Yet there was something about this book that (even though it made me sad and slightly angry) made me not stop reading.

Twenty Boy Summer is an amazing book, and I totally recommentd it. Because despite the heartache there's still so much sweetness in it...you just can't not love it.