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Existence  - Abbi Glines Review time everyone!

So, I just finished Existence. I may or may not be freaking the fuck out (excuse my language) and then some.

I don’t even know where to start. My brain isn’t yet ready for this, I haven’t quite grasped what I just finished reading. I don’t want to accept that it’s over. I think I never read a book so fast, seriously. Considering English is not my first language and I’m a pretty slow reader no matter what I read, I’m really socked with myself.

But who cares about my reading speed! I’m getting carried away.

Back to the book. Fuck me! That was awesome! Seriously. Dank The book was perfect. I was pulled in since the very beginning, and how wouldn’t I if the first thing we see through Pagan’s eyes is him. I would describe to you each and every thing I liked the most about the characters, but I’m going to leave it with Pagan... or maybe not. I really liked her fierce determination, especially when trying to protect Dank. It made me like her a whole lot more. And well, I can’t really talk about Dank, because honestly what is there to say? I was clinging to his every word.

Then we have Pagan’s best friend, Miranda. She was cool, funny. A little overdramatic maybe, but who doesn’t have a friend like that, I would be the drama queen in my group of friends anyway. Plus it made it just a little more real, or as real as it could get. Another character I loved was Gee, she was too funny, had me grinning every time she spoke. Now Leif. Hmm, I have mixed thought regarding him, and most of them are on the dislike side because –as it usually happens with me –I was already on Dank’s side.

As the story develops and Pagan gets closer to Leif in an attempt to have some normalcy –and Dank pushes her away to protect her from himself –I start worrying. I’m the kind of person that worries about pretty much everything. If you think Pagan worries too much, that’s because you haven’t met me (and you probably never will, but you get my point). And as I worry the story away I get to the kiss. It was embarrassing the sound that escaped me when they kissed. I felt like I had waited ages for it, and then I finally get to it, and it was all I hoped it would be and then some. Swoon.

I was right about halfway through the book when I started feeling concerned over the fact they wouldn’t end up together. Dank’s persistence in ignoring Pagan and her pain were just pulling at my heart. It was almost as if I was feeling her pain, as I could feel his pain. And let me just give you a teaser of a heart-pulling scene, one because I like teasing people and two because I just can’t get it out of my mind:

“Don’t leave me,” I begged.
He touched my lips with his fingertips. “I won’t. At least not tonight.”

I know!

That was when my biggest fear resurfaced. It all was going perfect, or as perfect as it could given the circumstances, and then the words where uttered and I was left biting my nails and praying he wasn’t going away for good; an irrational fear if you think about it, really, but I just couldn’t help myself.

After that we go through a series of scenes with Pagan trying to deal with her pain, and needing to find the truth. I think I was just as desperate as her to find out what was happening, and to see Dank again. Duh! I mean, seriously, I was nearing the end and I was about to freak the fuck out, okay!? (Excuse my language) Where was my Dank?! I was missing him just as much as Pagan was. I was about to start chapter twenty and I had lost all hope. I felt worse than Pagan, and she felt bad enough. She was resigned, and I was about to cry.

And then voilá! Excuse me while I grin like an idiot for a few minutes. But that wasn’t it. Abbi Glines had one last thing under her sleeve. My reaction: Leif isn’t WHAT?! Shocker right there, my friends. And it was over. Gee, please come and take me away, I don’t want to live like this. God! Abbi what you did leaving me hanging like that was mean, mean I say!

I gave quite a lot of thought to how many stars I would give Existence. I was going for five, but then I was mad because I wanted more Dank so I settle with four. But then she pulls that off in the end and I’m left dying to read the next book, so congratulations Abbi Glines you just got five stars out of me.

I will stop writing now because this review is getting way too long. On a last note I’d like to say: read this freaking book!

That is all fellows. Au revoir.