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Providence - Jamie McGuire I’m not exactly good with reviews, reason for which I don’t really write them; but for some reason I felt the need to review this book.

I’ll start by saying this is the first Jamie McGuire’s book I read. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I need to read Beautiful Disaster. The thing is I came upon this book by chance, I really didn’t intend to read a book right when I’m studying for finals, but it hasn’t left my mind since the moment I read the first chapter. And considering the amount of studying I have to do for my finals it’s not the wisest idea on my side. Either way, I have to say it was amazing. I loved every single part of it, oh so much.

Being the sucker for romance that I am, I knew this book would owe me the second we meet Jared. Can I say dreamy? Or angelic, if you’d like. ;) But that’s not all there is to Providence, oh certainly not. The action and suspense had me on edge almost all through the book.

I loved most characters, with exception of Ryan (don’t ask me why, not even I know), he was sweet and nice, and a great friend to Nina, but whatever right? Beth was probably my favorite supporting character, who doesn’t want a friend like that? Oh, and Kim’s bluntness had me laughing most of the time. I don’t really have much to say about Jared without swooning. My god! The words that he spoke were just GAH! So much sweetness, love and devotion. And Nina… well she was strong, it’s hard not to feel for her with everything she goes through. But I’ll go right out and say it, I did want to slap some sense into her more than once, and the closest to the end we got the more I worried. I was less than a hundred pages away and I was already freaking out and thinking there weren’t going to be enough pages to get me to a happy ending.

Anyway… this book will have you sitting on the edge of you seat, biting your nails nervously, grinning so hard your cheeks hurt, and falling in love with them every step of the way. Oh, and if you’re anything like me, probably crying your eyes out too. There’s romance, action, suspense and then some. What else can we ask for?

On a final note, I must add that this is not the last Jamie McGuire’s book I will read, for one because I still have to read Requiem and Eden (which I’m dying to read too, by the way), not to mention Beautiful Disaster.

This one is definitely a favorite from now on, and totally recommended.